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Serving the Greater Memphis Area Since 1990


About Express Fence Services

We have been serving the Greater Memphis area since 1990 and offer professional fencing services at realistically modest prices. We build or repair residential & commercial fencing. Quality is our goal so please contact us in order to meet your fence installation and repair needs.

Average Cost of Residential Wood Fencing:
$12.50 - $30.00 per linear foot depending on accessories, height, material and design. Residential fences are usually 6 - 8 ft tall with 6 ft. being the most popular height.

Estimated Installation Time of Most Residential Fencing:
2 -3 working days with size and terrain being important variables.

Most popular in this region are Cedar and treated Pine. Cedar is more durable, more aesthetically pleasing and slightly more expensive than treated Pine. Beauty and durability of both types of fencing can be enhanced by use of a sealant like "Thompson's Waterseal" or equivalent. We offer this as an optional service. Typical life span of wood fences is 20 to 25 years, longer if using cedar.

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